As the spirit of Christmas takes over later this week, a TED talk well worth 19 minutes of your time is Morgan Spurlock’s presentation (the man behind SuperSize Me). Humorous, lateral thinking and inspiring, the message is also about the new social movement of consumers around their need for honesty, trust, transparency and authenticity. More than anyone, candidates who are in the process of considering a change of career seek this approach.

We only have to look at the positive feedback we get when we conduct our post process candidate surveys; an unbelievably high proportion of positive feedback relates to the honesty and no-bull approach we gave to them during the process; something we used to be poor at before we got this feedback a few years back.

In a world where we increasingly question what we read, hear and get told by mass media, politicians and conglomerates, the sensation of receiving a fully transparent and genuine service is held in such high regard that it leaves an indelible memory and brand recognition. Regardless of which side of the recruiting fence you sit on, consider how you could bring 10% more transparency and authenticity to how you deal with the other party in the transaction, you may be growing your reputation more than you know and the world is seeking more people like you to do it. Perhaps practice with your loved ones over the break as a start and wrap transparency into your New Year Resolution somehow. Happy Christmas!

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