Briscoe Search & Consulting are one of the only providers in Australia that can genuinely offer the combination of executive search and traditional talent acquisition services to allow you, the client, to select the best talent; our approach penetrating both the Active and Passive candidate marketplace as mentioned on our Client Services page.


Active vs Passive Candidate Marketplace

A recent Yahoo! Sponsored survey confirmed what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found: that fewer than one out of five people were actively seeking a job. That means that over 80% of American workers are passive prospects., renowned people management industry research group.

In our experience, the standard “Advertising / Networking” approach taken by most of our competitors will only unearth a small percentage of these candidates – whom we refer to as “Active Candidates”, people who are in the market for work at that particular time.

It is only through an intelligent and exhaustive search process that we can uncover the larger market of “Passive Candidates”. This demographic will usually not read the various job advertisement media with any interest or intent and therefore require a more targeted approach. Knowing this statistic, it’s easy to understand why our approach carries so much success.

Structured Executive Search Methodology

Briscoe Search & Consulting’s search process is a cornerstone of our existence. We have purposely and methodically designed the structure of our company to accommodate provision of this service to the highest level. Our search infrastructure includes:

  • Robust, intelligent search systems
  • Dedicated specialist research team, who do not get involved in recruitment
  • Disclosure of full search list with client after research stage
  • Extensive network of search contacts
  • Proven track record in sourcing high quality candidates through this process
  • On-going training and support to our Consulting team on the subtleties of search

Briscoe Search & Consulting take an “Archer’s Target” approach to sourcing the best quality shortlist and can extend this search internationally to match to the Assignment Position, whilst running targeted parallel advertising in appropriate countries.


What do you have to lose if you don’t use a top-notch provider of talent acquisition and people management services:

The Cost of Mis-Hires –

Research in the US suggests that only 1 in every 4 hires turns out to be a high performer (Brad Smart – Avoid Costly Mis-Hires). The cost of a Mis-Hire has been estimated at $ ½ m – how much is it costing your business by not partnering with a superior talent acquisition partner?

Compensation $125,000
Employment Costs $14,000
Termination Costs $25,000
Opportunity Costs $220,000
Disruption Costs $100,000
Total $484,000
The risk is bigger than it gets credit for!

Employer Brand Protection

Protect your brand – We will make sure candidates are dealt with in a timely professional way and consulted with throughout the process, ensuring your brand is strengthened through the experience of the market.

Outsourcing the challenge of talent acquisition to us allows you, the client, to focus on talent management, i.e. your existing employees. This concentration on retaining key talent should and will increase productivity and profit, as well as reduce the cost of staff turnover.

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