There are very few players in our industry that carry relationships which stand the test of time. Fewer still are executive search partners who carry a host of clients willing to give up their time to record why it is they continue to use that service provider. But we’re not just “another recruiter”! On this page, you will find a host of videos that describes what it is that makes us different. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our clients and candidates have to say about us.

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Below are some kind words from other clients and candidates of Briscoe Search & Consulting. We will continue to add to this page as we continue to deliver top services to the marketplace.


“What has always stood out with regards to Briscoe is the time taken to understand the organisation and role, which helps to set the foundations on what we’re looking for. The response time is great, the people are very professional and pleasant and follow up is good. Always very comfortable with using Briscoe’s service, thank you for taking the time to understand our needs.”

Silvana Caranna, Human Resources Manager, City of Fremantle

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“Dealing with Paula and the Briscoe Search & Consulting staff epitomised the concept of partnership expected when outsourcing an executive vacancy such as this. Despite various changes to scope and challenges internally, Paula responded nimbly and it was clear that she understood the brief (even as it changed) and demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge or our niche market. I would recommend Briscoe Search & Consulting to others seeking this level of partnership and service.”

Tim Bartley, former National Recruitment Advisor, Trility Pty Ltd



“I found the Briscoe Search & Consulting team to be the best in its class. The Briscoe Search & Consulting team was a key part of our initiative to establish a successful prescence in WA. Our success, in part, is a by-product of the Briscoe Search & Consulting team’s good understanding of our business, the market and of their very effective process for identifying, screening and placing high quality candidates.”

Shane Hodson, CFO, J Steel Australasia



“Briscoe Search & Consulting delivered the right candidate for the job ahead of our expectations. In a market where the quantity of candidates is improving, but the quality is not, Briscoe Search & Consulting provided us with a talented individual of the highest quality who could hit the ground running. Fantastic result!”

David Hills, former Regional Manager WA and SA, Visionstream Pty Ltd



“I met a Senior Consultant  when I successfully applied for an Executive position with Challenger Institute of Technology. I was impressed from our very first telephone conversation and throughout the process she was genuinely interested in finding the very best fit for both her client and me. She was very thorough and professional but also very supportive and this attention to detail continued well after the process was completed. The follow up calls with me once I was in the position was very much appreciated and indicative of the high level of service the Consultant and Briscoe Search provided. As an experienced recruiter myself I was impressed with her approach and her ability to understand the needs of public sector recruitment particularly as it applies to a commercial enterprise.”

Julia Burns, General Manager Organisational Learning & Development

Challenger Institute



“I have utilised Briscoe Search & Consulting both as a candidate and as a client. On both occasions, I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and results delivered by the team at Briscoes. Their ability to match the right individual to a role, their confidentiality and trust throughout the process and the personable approach to service makes them a pleasure to deal with.”

Damian McCague, former Sales Manager, Constellation Wines Australia



“Any of the staff I have worked with from Briscoe have been supportive, attentive and absolutely professional. The shortlisted candidates interviewed have all commented how fantastic the agency has been to work with as well.”

Murdoch University July 2014

“Briscoe Search & Consulting differentiates itself from others by working to precisely understand our needs. This is particularly obvious in their analysis of cultural fit and the professional and personal styles of candidates. The result is that those candidates that are brought to us are precisely what we are looking for making our job easy and ensuring a perfect fit between the successful candidate and the institution.”

Jan Thomas, former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Murdoch University


“The key issue for us is to work with somebody who has this understanding of our business, in terms of both the business itself but also the culture within the business and Brian has been able to do that successfully, not only in Australia but overseas in several locations. The reason we’ve established a long term relationship with Briscoe’s has been their ability to get inside the organisation.”

Jon Lyons, Managing Director, Klinger



“What we have found with Brian and Briscoe Search & Consulting is that they take the time and effort to get to know yourself, your business, your culture, and the business idiosyncrasies. There is a lot less time wasted with candidates that aren’t suitable and what’s important is the right candidate in the right role, so everyone’s happy. So it’s been a great experience and that time and effort is really appreciated.”

Wayne Manners, former CEO of Fleetwood Corporation

Fleetwood Corporation


“They get a really good understanding of the role you are looking for, and more importantly the person you need for the team, and they go out and find them. What tells us about how good Briscoe’s is, is that these days the executive level actually ask me for Briscoe’s. The big value items with Briscoe’s is that they can recruit across the whole organisation.”

Karen Cooper, former HR Director, Murdoch University

Murdoch University


“There is absolutely no question for any executive or specialist search that I wouldn’t look past Briscoe. The service they have provided, the attention to detail and breadth of their search is very impressive.”

Sonia MacKay-Coghill, Candidate, former General Manager, Kailis Jewellery



“We have used Briscoe Search to recruit in Brisbane, Victoria and Western Australia across senior management positions and has been an ongoing relationship over the last 10 years. Briscoe have come in and provided expert advice, so it has improved our whole business model by utilising them.”

Peter McKay, former General Manager, ABB



“I found the Consultants to be quite good to deal with, understanding needs and trying to make sure they were getting people to fill those needs. The Consultant took the time to outline everything and was good with touching base throughout the process.”

Kelly McCormick Management Accountant – DownerMouchel

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I find the way that you guys interact with candidates, very personal, highly professional and really sets you apart from the other recruitment companies.  I couldn’t think of areas for improvement as I really feel that you all went above and beyond in regards to my involvement in your recruitment business”.



 “The fact that the Consultants got back to me on a very regular basis and told me when they would be getting back to me. There was great communication.  Everything they did was pretty spot on, I really couldn’t think of any improvements”



“The feedback and communication from not only the key consultant but also the support team was very good, it seems that you have great communication skills not only with the candidate but also internally.”



“The team kept me fully informed at all stages about where my application was up to and provided clear information on the role and the culture of the client.”



“The whole process, from start to finish, was very professional with ongoing contact and updates.  I would highly recommend Briscoe for recruitment services. They have a primary focus on quality and care in dealing with people during a sometimes stressful process. Excellent!!”



“The Consultant I dealt with is a great asset for any job seeker. Her professionalism and attention to detail are a true credit to her skills set.  She is very thorough in all of her communications and most importantly her positivity is unparalleled.  I have no hesitation in recommending Briscoe’s for both jobseekers and employers alike.”



“Outstanding service, excellent attention to detail, great with returning calls and providing feedback. Professional (but not ‘stuffy’) attitude, very accommodating with requests for information. The staff I dealt with were great ambassadors / flag bearers for Briscoe. There were no areas I felt needed any improvement. ”




 “My experience was excellent.  In terms of interview style, the Consultant was just a pleasure to do deal with.  She was personable, pleasant, encouraging.  The communication was really great. ”



“I found all the staff at Briscoe highly professional in their approach with excellent follow up. The Consultant in particular, stayed in regular contact with me and was extremely thorough. It’s also very positive that you coach people for the interview so that you can appeal to the interviewer. Although I was not successful in this instance, I found the process excellent and would highly recommend Briscoe to other people. Many recruitment agencies take your details and never contact again which is frustrating when you are a professional yourself. Briscoe delivers! ”



“I found the team really great to work with. Although it took a while they kept me in the loop and up to date at all times. They were always very professional, friendly and very helpful. ”



“Would definitely recommend Briscoe’s. Found the service to be open, honest, transparent. I set Briscoe aside from other recruitment agencies as they put an emphasis on candidates being treated as individuals. Seems less about the process of quickly making money as there is an actual care factor for people.”



 “I have already recommended Briscoe services and scored a 10 out of 10 because of the follow up service I received from the Consultant which I thought was exceptional and that I was kept informed through-out the whole process.  I had applied for four other roles through different recruitment companies and Briscoe were the only proactive company I dealt with.”



“My experience with Briscoe Search & Consulting was very positive and attributable to two individual Consultants.  Both ladies were tremendous  to deal with as both possess an inimitable quality to be professional and personal at the same time – which is very important to a job seeker.  The recruitment process is often an emotional time for most candidates and receiving timely, professional feedback and updates makes the overall journey easier.”



“I’d like to thank you for what I felt to be a highly personalised and targeted service that met my needs perfectly. You contacted me exactly when required and not more, and have an excellent understanding of both the role you were trying to fill and the company with which you were ably assisting.  I certainly felt I was in the very best of hands and was gladdened that I was applying for a position that so perfectly suited to what I was after, my experience and the type of company and people that I want to work for – and you understood all of that perfectly!”



“During an extended period of job hunting, I dealt with literally dozens of recruitment firms. Most treated me like an item of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).  Then I discovered Briscoe, and was very impressed with their ability to identify a role for me that matched my experience and interests very well, and which I would never have uncovered through my own efforts.  Although I did not win that role, and I have since found satisfying employment elsewhere, Briscoe stands out from the rest of the recruitment firms I dealt with for their professional approach to my situation as a candidate.”



“A very good experience with Briscoe,  Good feedback, very professional.  Would definitely recommend in the future.”



“One of the best, if not the best, recruitment companies I have ever dealt with. They were fantastic, very personal, professional and gave me very honest feedback which I really appreciated. I would absolutely recommend Briscoe.”



“I have dealt with about 9 recruitment companies in the past few months and not one of them has shown me an ounce of courtesy or respect, regardless of their perceived belief in my ability or suitability for a particular role. It was only after I came into contact with the two of you that I was given any feeling of hope or support. You have both been in constant contact with me and offered me all the advice and encouragement that I could have hoped for given the circumstances.

Regardless of your profession, I believe that if you care about people and invest in them, it will reward you in time. You invested in me so I just wanted to say, (in a small way) that it was recognised and greatly appreciated.”

Candidate, Scott Ballem





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