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Tips to Better Position Yourself During Offer Negotiations, by Rose Voce

As a Recruitment Consultant, I am often asked “How can I best present myself in order to get the best possible salary package without pricing myself out of a role?” This is an age old question so I have put together several pieces of advice that I have learned from my experience to help you ensure that you position yourself in the best possible way.
I should preface all of this advice with a simple point that if you chase “best salary” at the expense of job satisfaction and happiness, you will never feel like you have succeeded, so all of the below tips are based on the assumption that you see a good fit with the role you are chasing.

1. Use your Recruitment Consultant rather than work against them

Your consultant will know the employer’s position better than you.  They also want to fill the role so it is in their best interests to work with you.

If you are interviewing for other roles, don’t be afraid to share this with your consultant, it is courteous and it also tells the consultant and employer that you are sought-after.

2. Use ranges and approximations during the early stage of the process

The consultant or employer will often ask for your current salary and your expectations. During the early stage of the process you do not want to lock yourself into any figures, you can be honest about your current salary but simply add that you are looking for an increase or you are expecting between a certain range for your next role.

3. Be upfront about what you are seeking but show flexibility

It is ok to disclose what you are hoping for whether it is a 20% increase in salary or a month’s holiday you had planned in 3 months time. Just ensure that you offset your requests with flexibility, ‘however if the role is the best fit I may be able to postpone my trip if need be’ or ‘I may consider less of an increase if I feel the role will take me to the next stage of my career’. This will ensure that your requests are taken on board without ruling you out of the position.

4. Know your worth

You need to be able to justify why you want a particular salary, do you have special or hard to find skills, qualifications or certain years of experience.

Do some research and talk to people in the industry to gauge insight into market salaries.

5. Make sure it is down to the final candidates before you start negotiating

You want the employer to know you and your capabilities before they put a price on your skills.  When they feel that you could be the right person for the job, they will be more likely to offer the most attractive package. 

6. Take your time to consider your offer

Once you have received an offer, take the time to consider the opportunity, you do not need to give an answer straight away. Thank them for the offer and ask for some time to review it.

7. Be realistic about your situation

If you really need or want the job, don’t try to over-strengthen your position by pushing the negotiations. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity by playing hard ball.

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