As the new year is upon us, now may be a good time to realign yourself with your goals for 2016. Whilst Australia has a reputation being relaxed and laid back, we have developed a culture where employees are working long hours with big expectations and ever increasing workloads.

Work Life Balance

Thankfully this attitude is slowing changing, with more and more employers realising that employees work better and are more productive when a healthy work culture is on offer. Now days many workplaces offer flexible work arrangements like working from home, flexi-hours and job sharing.

Balancing the demands of a busy lifestyle is not an easy thing to do, but is best managed by regularly adjusting your core needs on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas below to help you strike a good work life balance:

  • Set goals around what you value highly in your world
  • Manage your time effectively – review job activities, priorities and success factors
  • Create a boundary between balancing work and personal time – leave work at work where possible
  • Build resilience and have a positive attitude
  • Avoid stress, mental exhaustion and burnout – fatigue affects your ability to work productively
  • Maintaining and healthy lifestyle – look after yourself, eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that you enjoy
  • Enlist a good support system – learn to delegate, we all need a little help sometimes
  • Enjoy your work – Enjoy a more fulfilling life