Gender equity will soon be critical to a business’ licence to operate. If it’s not on your radar you’ll soon get left behind. Isn’t it much easier to be a modern thinking gender equity employer, with Briscoe Search at your side?

Welcome to gender equity at Briscoe Search. We are here to help you achieve your corporate diversity strategy, whether it involves increasing gender equity, choosing from highly talented candidates when making your next hire, or using an external consultant to implement a gender equity strategy for your organisation.

Our dominant focus in gender equity is the search, attraction and selection of talented female candidates for professional, management and executive positions. We can also advise clients on developing gender equity strategy and practices, and in guiding career management for gender equity. We can assist businesses in any stage of gender equity maturity, and in all stages of the recruitment lifecycle.

We are excited to be right at the very heart of Australia’s gender equity journey, believing that our economic future relies on growing innovation and productivity through a more diverse workforce.

Discover how to keep your business at the forefront. Or get in touch to discuss gender equity with our team.