CDC, NDIS, an ageing population, a flat economic environment, technology and so much more. No wonder it is a stressful, challenging time for leaders of Community Services organisations across our country. The speed, intensity and ramifications of the change that is affecting your sector and your organisation is unprecedented. Remember in 1999 our main concern was just Y2K – one change on a certain day; and you might recall how much focus, planning and time was put into that. This is much bigger. So take heart if you feel stretched, challenged and a little bit fatigued; it is with good reason.

At Briscoe Search, we want to make your life that bit easier by sharing the benefit of our senior leadership and management recruitment experience with you. We will share our learnings in coming months.

Top 3 Tips to Hire Great Managers & Leaderscommunity

1. Get your brief right first up

Job descriptions are handy, but Competency Charting is essential. Yet, most of us undergo a recruitment process based on a Job Description only. Create a list of the essential competencies (Click here for Competency Matrix). Then recruit to these, interview to these, brief your search partner to these. Consider them as the map you will use to get to your destination. We do not recruit without this, and we recruit every day!

2. Think laterally

Community Services is a complex sector. You will often require industry experience in your next recruit. But often you will not! Bringing a sharp, quick learning, creative individual into your team who carries new ideas, experiences, dynamics can add serious value to the overall group effort. Look to the skills, attitude and competencies you want, then look at the industry experience secondary. Some of the best senior placements we have made emanated from “lateral hires” where the quality of the individual trumped the industry experience side of things.

3. The two-way street

The amount of candidates that we speak with who tell us that they were dissuaded from joining an organisation due to the way in which the recruitment process was handled, is staggering. Unfortunately, community services organisations and NFP’s are amongst the guiltiest of putting great candidates off due to a stifling or unimpressive recruitment process. Here’s what you can do to minimise the risk:

  • Make the process enjoyable with fair screening and testing of your candidates but not too cumbersome with too many hurdles
  • Stay in communication; candidates just want to know where they stand
  • Avoid panel interviews of more than 2 interviewers. They are “old school”, overwhelming for candidates and don’t add value
  • Give the candidate enough time to learn about you. Be clear (apart from the community you serve) about why others love working in your organisation and share it
  • Keep momentum; great candidates like processes that move in a logical, efficient way

There are a lot more facets to brilliant recruitment processes, such as timelines, choosing the right partner, cultural fit testing, environmental profile testing, interview techniques, uncovering stars. We will delve into these next month and share our experiences with you. For now, practice the top 3 above and watch how better people will join your organisation and share the journey of navigating your entity through this time of transformation and opportunity.


Our most recent CEO Assignment – what the client and candidate said:

We found Brian and his team to be very professional in the manner in which they kept us fully informed and engaged in the overall process which led to an excellent outcome.
Eric Baines, Chair, Richmond Wellbeing

Service from Briscoe Search was excellent from start to finish. They were prompt in responding to emails and questions, kept me informed of developments and their shortlisting methodology appeared really thorough and fair. Briscoe Search are a recruitment consultant I would not hesitate to recommend or use myself.
Neil Guard, Candidate


A time of change may require a fresh approach – Briscoe Search & Consulting is working with others in your sector to resolve these very same issues. If you would like to consider how we can partner to improve your success rate in recruiting and retaining top talent with creativity and outside the box thinking, call Emma Oldfield or Brian Briscoe on 6382 1100 for a confidential discussion.
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