Fast mounting evidence from highly respected global research organisations highlights the strong relationship between workplace gender equity and financial performance. Not only do we wholeheartedly agree, but we are passionate about helping our clients to deliver on their gender equity strategy and to reap the business rewards.

Our dominant focus in gender equity is the search, attraction and selection of talented female candidates for professional, management and executive positions.

Briscoe Search carries years of executive and management search experience. This provides us with a deep understanding of the career drivers for talented candidates who will assist organisations in tackling their gender equity objectives. We have also invested considerable time researching gender equity around the world to determine the best way to bring its benefits to the Australian corporate landscape.

All of our clients are at different stages of gender equity maturity. Some are leading corporations that are clear on their gender equity strategy, have initiatives in place and rely on Briscoe Search to attract the best female talent in the market to their organisation. Other clients are just embarking on their gender equity journey and seek our guidance on where to start – knowing it will lead to positive outcomes over time.

Genuine passion for what we do, coupled with access to an exceptional female talent pool stands us head and shoulders above other recruitment services providers. In fact, more than 85% of our Gender Equity candidates are female.

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Gender equity consulting
• Gender equity oriented search and headhunting
• Advertised recruitment to build talent pools of female candidates
• Our strong database of over 3500 Mums2Work candidates, 96% of which are female.

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